My Daly Outreach Ministries

My Daly Outreach Ministries

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christ Brings Division

Today as I sat on my screened in porch and read the words of Jesus from my Bible, these verses were brought to me by the Holy Spirit and really hit home.  I was prompted to share this scripture with you and share what God spoke to my heart about it.  We view Jesus Christ as the "Prince of Peace" and He is that, BUT in this scripture He tells us that when we choose to follow Him completely it will mean opposition from our own family.  Jesus asks us to follow Him above our parents and/or our own children.  This sounds harsh and unbelievable for many but the closer we get to Jesus, the harder it is for those closest to us to understand that He has become our first priority and the leader of our lives.  The only thing we can do is pray for those who oppose us and hope that one day they will understand what God is doing in our lives.  This is what Jesus meant when He told us to pick up our "cross" and follow Him.  Carrying a cross is difficult and hurtful, but oh how awesome the reward when you follow Jesus!  Don't loose heart!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Can We Afford It?

I had to share today's blog because God would just not leave me alone until I did!  It is no secret that when things are tight financially within your household, it can become a tense situation.  Many times over the past seven years, since my husband Brian was diagnosed with heart failure, we have wondered how we would ever make it from month to month.  Does that sound familiar to any caregivers out there?  What we have seen is that when you live under the FAVOR of God, like we do, He takes care of those types of things for you in unexpected ways.  A couple weeks ago it was supper time and we didn't know where we should go because we were being very careful with our money.  We decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We would each get water, eat a bunch of chips, and split a dinner.  After arriving we saw a friend who came over to our table and informed us that he was buying our dinner and we all better order whatever we wanted!  We knew it was God taking care of our dinner!  How sweet was that?  Then just yesterday, we went to a friend's church.  On the way my husband asked me what we should do if they asked us to lunch.  We decided that we would go but be careful with what we ordered.  Once again, the family took the bill and bought our lunch for us!  God just keeps giving to us over and over!  Trust God to always meet your needs and HE WILL!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Start Living Today

I love this picture for several reasons.  First, I love it because this is my daddy and my daughter whom I love dearly.  Second, this is a special picture because I had heard my daddy say for years that he would love to have a motorcycle.  He had them when he was young but sold the last one he had soon after I was born.  I kept telling him to go get one but he would make excuse after excuse saying that he would "one day."  Well, this past year, he had the chance to buy the bike in this picture.  He has been like a kid in a candy store.  His eyes twinkle when he talks about it and when he rides.  It has given him a new hobby and a way to relax.  I have heard my daddy say over and over how he wished he had done this years ago.  Why do we keep putting things off that we desire to do?  We need to begin living today!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Where is everybody?

When I read this scripture this past Sunday in church I wrote it down on my bulletin and underneath it wrote "caregivers."  As caregivers, there are times we have all felt this way!  When things first happen there are many relatives and friends around but soon they must get back to their own lives and a caregiver is left alone to pick up the pieces.  As sad as this may sound, this scripture tells us that we cannot rely on people, no matter how much they love us.  We MUST rely on the Lord for He will NEVER leave us alone.  When no one else can be seen, God still sits with us and longs to comfort us and care for us.  Remember, that God knows how people will fail us and that is why He is our ultimate CAREGIVER!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Change of Plans

How many times did you have a day completely planned and then received a phone call that changed everything?  As caregivers that is unfortunately a part of our lives.  You have probably learned to stop making specific plans or ones where others rely on you, for you know you may have to cancel at a moments notice.

I was reminded of this just last night and God prompted me to share this with you.  My mother has recently gone through full knee replacement.  She has done wonderful and to God be all the glory for her healing and amazingly fast recovery!  Yesterday, while I was staying with her, I noticed her incision looked a little red and questioned her.  Later when her physical therapist arrived, she too was concerned about the possibility of infection.  When I spoke to my dad last evening, he explained that he was going to take my mom to her regular physician's walk in clinic this morning.  I asked him if he could do it alone and he said they would be fine.  Two minutes later the phone rang and he asked if I could go with them and use my car for it is much lower to the ground than theirs and easier for my mom to get into.  I told him that would be fine and hung up.  Well, as you can imagine, my ten year old was not too happy about this change in our plans for the day.  This was supposed to have been our first day to just sleep late and hang out in our pajamas all morning and then get some lunch just the two of us.  I understood how she felt and explained why it was important for us to help her grandparents in this way.  BUT, at the same time, it prompted me to remember that feeling of plans always changing.

 I also WARN you!  Don't stop making plans.  I know I did for a while when my husband was very sick and I alienated myself from many of my dear friends, which was not good for me.  Keep making plans but explain your situation ahead of time and what may happen.  Then pray for God to ease the disappointment when and if it comes due to a "change in plans."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Abiding In Him

John 15:7 “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.”
When you immerse yourself in the Word of God on a daily basis, you will find that the Word becomes a part of your thoughts and begins to direct your steps throughout the day.  I quickly remind people that they do not have to memorize scriptures to have God’s Word within them.  At the same time, I will admit that it can come in handy to have the ability to quote scriptures in a time of need or to someone you are witnessing to or praying with.  The more you read the Bible, do personal devotions, participate in Bible studies, and worship with fellow Christians, the more Jesus’ words abide in you! 
Recently, I had a very unusual week.  It started off with a text from my husband on Monday morning letting me know that his father had been taken to the ER with chest pains.  Upon arrival to the ER we were told that my father-in-law was having a heart attack.  My husband and I quickly found a place in the waiting room to sit and pray.  We began to claim his healing in the name of Jesus.  After arriving at Wake Med Heart Center in Raleigh, we were told they were able to open the artery that was blocked and save his life.  While my father-in-law was still in Cardiac ICU on Wednesday, my husband and I came home for my mother’s knee replacement surgery, which was already scheduled!  That morning my husband and I prayed once again thanking God for my mother’s healing and pain control in advance.  My mother’s surgery was very successful and her pain was minimal!

A week later, both my father-in-law and my mother are home recuperating.  Each day last week I felt the constant presence and comfort of the Holy Spirit.  All the things I claimed in prayer have now been seen in the physical.  Because Jesus’ words abide in me all the things that I asked of Him in prayer were done! Don’t view prayer and study of the Bible as something difficult.  Instead, understand it can be an easy yet amazingly powerful experience.  The more you know about Jesus, the more you will see Jesus work in your life!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Just Piano Lessons

Psalm 92:1
It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, 
O Most High,

In December when Taylor approached us and said that she wanted to take piano lessons and also wanted a keyboard, we were a little doubtful about how all this would turn out.  She was very excited and we never doubted Mrs. Darden’s ability, but we worried that she would lose interest and give up.  Well, week after week, she continued to love her lessons with Mrs. Darden and continued to practice at home.  Sure, we had to remind her from time to time, but she never argued.  That told us a lot.  She was not only enjoying what she was learning but also taking pride in her musical ability.  She began to ask us how we thought she sounded or what we thought about the last song she played.

Music has become a part of Taylor’s life.  She now tells people that she plays the piano which is awesome.  She is proud of being a pianist and loves to tell people about her piano teacher Mrs. Darden.  This wonderful woman of God did more during her lessons than just teach piano, she taught children to love and take pride in playing the piano.   She gave them a tool they can use to worship the Lord!  She gave them something that no one can ever take away from them.  She also instilled a confidence inside that they can do something very special that many others cannot do.

Just when we thought we were signing Taylor up just for piano lessons, we saw that we signed her up so that God could use Mrs. Darden to touch her life.  We thank her for loving her, encouraging her, laughing with her, and showing God’s love each Monday, while she was just taking piano lessons.