My Daly Outreach Ministries

My Daly Outreach Ministries

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hard To Handle

For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another. 1 John 3:11 NIV

Caregiver, I come to you today with a very tall order.  God tells us in 1 John 3:11 that, "We should love one another."  He didn't say just those who are kind and loving.  He said "one another" which includes everyone.  Sometimes the very one you are caring for is the one who treats you with malice or speaks hurtful words to you daily.  Maybe the one you care for blames you for the situation they find themselves in today and continually takes their pain out on you?  This happens more often than I would like to admit because hurting people hurt others and usually those closest to them first.

If the one you care for is a "hard to handle" patient, God still expects you to love them.  He still expects you to show His kindness and goodness even when it is not the instinctive thing to do.  Most caregivers never hear the words, "Thank you" or "I couldn't do it without you." or even "I love you."  Simple compliments or words or encouragement mean the world to us but are rarely heard by most. 

One think I have learned and I can share with 100% confidence is that God does love you and appreciate all you are doing for another.  God thinks you are amazing and what you are doing for another is seen by Him as you doing that very thing for Him!  You can trust God with your future and your feelings.  God really is your ultimate caregiver and always will be no matter what.

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